Why Hire A Web Marketing Company?

There are many reasons why you should consider getting external help from a web marketing company.  If you’re not working within digital marketing, then it pays to know about the world of SEO.  Hiring your own SEO specialist is a good way to gain traction online.  It matters that your website design is easy to navigate and your content is relevant.  If you’re lacking in search results and web traffic, you should get help from a marketing company.  Here’s a list of ways to know if you need help.

Your site isn’t accessible on a mobile

If your website design isn’t suitable for mobiles, then you won’t be getting found online.  Almost sixty-percent of searches come from mobile devices.  An SEO specialist will tell you that there has been a strong shift away from the desktop computer to the mobile.  People want to access information on-the-go at the click of a few buttons.  If you’re missing out on getting found online, then you’re missing out on hundreds of potential sales.  A web marketing company can help format your website so that it is fit for both desktop computer and mobile.

You don’t have a FAQ page on your website

With a major rise in voice recognition and virtual assistants, it’s important to get on board.  That is, your page should have answers to common questions.  Around twenty-percent of mobile search queries are through voice search.  A structured FAQ page on your website is the best way to get indexed when users search for information.  Make this a vital part of your website design, and you could see growth in sales and your following.  It’s a challenge for an SEO specialist, but it is so important to get out in front.  When writing answers, long tail keywords should get used and the content should be in conversational language.

You don’t post on social media or write blog posts often                    

This is one of the key parts of your website design and your marketing plan.  To get found online, you have to be active online.  If you aren’t posting on social media, then it makes it difficult for users to find you.  You should write blog posts often and the content should be original.  An SEO specialist will tell you how important it is to write quirky, creative posts to increase your following.  Ensure that you have visuals with every post.  It is much more attractive and appealing when visuals are combined with the text.  You should get in touch with a reputable web marketing company for many more marketing services.  With so many users surfing the web, it’s crazy not to be active online.



3 Reasons Why You Need A Marketing Plan

Like any good plan, a marketing plan ensures that everyone involved is on the same page and working towards the same goals. Having a marketing plan is a key requisite in web marketing. Whether you’re trying to increase web traffic or get followers, you need a plan with goals. A marketing plan isn’t made just to improve business, but allows you to define your goals and work towards them. A happy and successful business is one that continues to develop and learn from setbacks. We’ve put together three reasons why you need to have a marketing plan. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, no one has ever said having a plan was a bad idea.

Encourages you to have focus

If you want to create a great web marketing plan, then you need to create a focus. A business doesn’t just get followers overnight. It takes time and it takes a considerable amount of work to generate enough web traffic. Whether you’ve got five employees or five hundred, you should ensure that everyone understands the plan. You might have an overall goal as well as several smaller strategies. Delegating tasks to your employees spreads the load and gives each member a purpose. Each of these tasks should contribute to achieving the overall goal. A web marketing plan creates a map and a guideline for all members of the team to see.

Ensures that your goals are SMART

SMART goals are ones which are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. You might not think of a web marketing plan having SMART goals, but they are actually very important. Regular goals can often be general and difficult to achieve. If you can ensure that your objectives are SMART, then you’re more likely to achieve them as a team. Goals such as to increase followers or your web traffic is much more attainable. Not going by this guideline could result in vague objectives that cost your business a lot of money.

Empowers you to grow and develop

You need a marketing plan to help your business grow and develop. If you can reach your goals and address each objective, then you are well on your way to success. With a marketing plan that you can also assess what works and what doesn’t. The best businesses are those that learn from their mistakes and setbacks. Having an overall plan also enables you to view opportunities and evaluate their suitability. By making your web marketing plan a priority, you are setting your business on a path to ongoing success.


5 Ways To Secure Your Followers

Part of being successful online is because of great web marketing tricks. It might take months to perfect your website design, but it helps to know how to secure your followers. That is, your targeted audience that views your site and returns again and again. Businesses and individuals get followers by making their content interesting and relevant. It’s not always about what you know, it’s about being clever with the words you use. It’s about publishing quality content that relates to your audience. Leading profiles are those with a large number of followers. Let’s find out how they do this.

First impressions matter

Whether it’s on a social media site, a business page or out in public, first impressions matter. We know this, yet when it comes to website design, we sometimes forget. Part of web marketing is making your site attractive and inviting. You get one chance to impress each online user. If they don’t like what they see, you could potentially lose a customer or a follower. You can get followers by making sure your audience is blown away time and time again.

Words and images are important

In an age where people are desperate for more time, delivering key messages in the easiest form is vital. You can do this by using catchy words that continuously engage the reader. Add photos to every post and make it attractive. Users likes images and Google likes words, which means your website design needs to have the right balance between words and images.

Consistency is key

Like balancing your words and images, being consistent is key. If you can’t get into the groove of writing consistent, quality material, you’ve got a poor web marketing plan. Websites get followers because users like what they see. If a business or individual posts a mix of material, it can be erratic for the user. Don’t be boring, be consistently good.

Make sure your site works

Websites lose followers if links on their site are broken. To ensure a great web design, you need to test the waters yourself. Check every link, proof your material and pretend you’re the audience. You can’t expect to get followers if the site doesn’t work well.

Build it and built it some more

On average, it takes Google around five years to understand an entire website. In technology terms, this is a long time. Don’t lose heart or followers. Continue building your website, harness web marketing tricks and engage with your audience. The more determination you’ve got, the more Google will be able to discover and understand your brand.


6 Ways To Boost Your Content Online

When it comes to writing quality content online, you need to be smart about what you’re posting.  Social media in Melbourne continues to grow in popularity, with more and more users jumping online each day.  There has been a general shift to accessing news and information via social media platforms.  With this in mind, it’s never been more important to utilise content creation and write well.  When we say ‘write well’ we mean using smart targeted marketing techniques to boost your content online.  We’ve put together six ways you can boost your discoverability online, just by writing better.

Use short, sharp, snappy sentences and paragraphs

It doesn’t take anyone special to smash the art of content creation.  It’s about writing well and using sentences that are easy for everyone to understand.  Avoid using technical terms, long sentences and chunky paragraphs.  Targeted marketing is successful if your content is easy to digest.

Avoid posting chunks of information without headlines

The wrong way to approach targeted marketing or social media in Melbourne is to post large chunks of information.  Use short sentences, short paragraphs and try using headlines.  Headlines are a good way to organise your content into a readable piece.

Make your writing easy to scan for every reader

Today, most people don’t have the time or patience to read every word in every article.  By writing short sentences and engaging information on social media in Melbourne, your audience can scan your content.  It’s also a good idea to use photos, infographics, graphs, charts, tables and lists to go with your writing.  It’s a good idea to use numbers as digits in your writing, too.  It makes it easier for readers to find what they’re looking for in your article.

Don’t post irrelevant material or write boring stuff

Avoid confusing or frustrating your audience.  The key to successful targeted marketing techniques is to be clear and appealing.  Social media in Melbourne is widely-used and so your posts need to be unique to win your customers over.

Write in active voice and be energetic 

When it comes to successful content creation, you need to express an energetic and exciting persona.  Your writing should be enthusiastic and passionate.  Aim to write in an active voice to engage and attract your audience.

Engage with your readers and potential customers

When you post material online, aim to engage with your audience.  The whole idea is to create long-lasting customers and readers who return again and again.  Think about who you’re writing for and write for them.  Most importantly – have fun with it!


Four Ways To Get Web Traffic

To get found online you have to be online.  Now, that doesn’t mean you need to be using social media for personal purposes.  It means you need to be one of the easy websites that can be found online.  Easy websites are simple, they are easy to navigate and easy to read.  This means that to get found, you need to post great information online.  Being a master of content creation and improving your presence online is the result of clever writing practices.  A digital marketing agency is a good place to start when embarking on a mission to get found online.

Use proper grammar and structuring

Being successful online is all about generating more followers and getting more hits on your webpage.  Easy websites get found online when they use proper grammar.  No one likes poor spelling and grammar.  A digital marketing agency will work hard to ensure that there are no obvious errors in your writing.  Simple, sharp structuring with an active voice is the best approach.  Grammarly is a useful webpage that helps writers construct proper, meaningful posts.

Write boldly and clearly

Writing quality information that is bold and clear draws more readers than you think.  Easy websites draw readers in because they are easy to read, but they also captivate audience members.  Using an editing program, such as Hemingway Editor, is a good way to improve your writing and ensure you are writing readable content.  If a reader notices too many mistakes, they may grow tired rather fast as they try to correct your mistakes as they read.  One or two mistakes is forgiven.  More than this and it becomes frustrating.

Use an app that counts your words, sentences and paragraphs

A digital marketing agency will work hard to ensure that you use appropriate key words and content.  A good writing tool is Wordcounter.  This application counts your words, sentences and paragraphs.  It’s a good way to find out if you are repeating yourself too often or not making complete sense.  What you write is important and key to  helping you get found online.  Some people think easy websites are just easy to navigate.  Websites incorporate so much more than navigation.  You want audience members to return again and again for more information.

Write drafts and be organised

When we say organised, we don’t mean to just post clear content.  To get found online with easy websites, you need to be one of the best.  Post regularly and on time.  If you fall behind in schedule, you may risk losing the following you once had.  Search engine marketing agencies stress the need for drafts.  Write an article, read it carefully, fix any errors and read it again.  Once you are confident with the article, go live.


SEO For Beginners

Many people have heard of the SEO term flying about but they don’t actually know what it means.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.  It’s all about how you can get found online via a simple Google search.  An SEO company is usually a good place to start for those looking to increase their rankings online.  SEO is a form of search engine marketing that can significantly improve business.

What’s this about crawling and indexing?

The internet and what gets posted online is what search engines love.  They crawl through web pages, documents and images to find the most relevant information.  An SEO company will utilise key words so that search engines can find that particular page quickly.  You can get found online by utilising this search engine marketing tactic.  A search engine will provide results relating to a key search instantaneously.

How does the search engine provide an answer?

A search engine is a key method to get found online.  With search engine marketing, a search engine produces results that are relevant to the key word search.  This is why an SEO company will use specific key words throughout their blogs and websites.  SEO purely works via relevance and popularity.  A search engine will rank results according to relevant key words and according to the popularity of the website.

Does an SEO company help with this kind of thing?

An SEO company is a huge advantage for any business that wants to get found online.  It’s important that blog posts and web pages aren’t stuffed with key words and irrelevant material.  For SEO beginners, it’s best to hire an expert to get you started.  Search engine marketing is incredibly useful and effective when done well.  It used to be as simple as using the right words but there are far more factors that influence search engine rankings.  By using algorithms, a search engine will sort through relevant material and then rank according to popularity.

A good SEO company that can help you get found online is one that specialises in search engine marketing.  Speak with the digital marketing experts at Digital Freak for information on how they can help.  From website designs to web marketing, they have a range of digital marketing solutions ready for you.


Good Website Design

It’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t without trying.  When it comes to marketing products or services online, it pays to have the best.  Online users return to easy websites that are attractive and simple to navigate.  A good website design is one that is relevant, captivating and user-friendly.  Whether you’ve got an existing website or you’re looking to create one, a website creator can help you.  Good website designs should attract more followers each day.  If you find that you’ve reached a plateau, it’s time to make some changes.

A good website design should be exciting to navigate.  It shouldn’t have users wondering where to find certain material.  A good place to start is to imagine yourself as a potential client.  Navigate your website or imagine to do so if you don’t have a website.  What attracts you to certain parts of the site?  How would the audience members find the important content?  How would the website make a customer feel?  One good tactic is to use a trusted friend to navigate your existing site.  Ask them for honest feedback on how they found the experience.  Easy websites are just that, they are easy to navigate.  If you want this for your clients, you may need to revamp your site with the help of a website creator.

There are many parts to a website design.  It can be an overwhelming task if it’s all new to you.  Speaking with a website creator enables you to have your questions answered.  They can design your website based on your needs and budget.  If you’re happy with the design, they can build the site for you and watch it’s effect.  Easy websites should be easy to navigate.  Too much content can be too overbearing.  If a client gets confused or lost, they may look for another website that matches their needs.

When designing a website with a website creator, it’s important to define your target audience.  Easy websites are not only simple to navigate, they attract their specified audience.  It’s about making audiences return again and again for more material and to engage.  Your website design should be formatted so that it can be viewed on desktop computers, mobiles and tablets.  With so many people browsing on the web, if your website isn’t designed for mobile or tablets, you’ll lose frustrated online users.

Further, your website design should link you back to your other sites or social media pages.  Creating a circuit of targeted marketing increases your web traffic.  A user may enter your site, then click on something else relating to your product or service.  This can then lead them to another site or social media page of yours.  A chain like this increases followers and increases engagement.  Easy websites make this happen.  The best place to start is by speaking with a website creator to see how you can create a good website design.

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