Why Every Business Should Publish a Blog

If your company is trying to boost your site’s web traffic and, more importantly, increase conversion rates, we recommend you begin publishing a weekly blog. This is one of the best inbound marketing techniques for many reasons and is guaranteed to achieve results if you spend the time to develop quality content. Whether your blog offers industry news, general information, analysis or reviews of products or updates on your projects or services, content creation for a blog can take your website and company to a whole new level. And here’s how:

Blog Content Creation

Your Google Ranking Will Improve

Every time someone searches online for something (40,000 queries per second, 3.5 billion searches per day), Google’s PageRank algorithm scours the Internet to deliver the most relevant results. If the search pertained to your company, it is vital Google recognises your website and places it high up the results page. It can do this easily if your website contains SEO optimised blogs. This kind of content creation requires careful crafting by someone who knows what they’re doing. Once perfected, it’s a highly effective inbound marketing technique. Not only are blogs better ranked when it comes to generalised searches than basic website pages but if they are regularly updated, you are constantly adding an indexed page to your website, creating more opportunities for Google to find you.


You Can Become a Known and Respected Industry Source

If your blog focuses on news or developments within your industry, you could become a source of information not only for people surfing the net seeking education but also your peers and even competitors. Companies are increasingly looking for industry-related sites to link to their content, quote their blogs or even re-blog their own pieces. Consider this the digital seal of approval which is guaranteed to boost web traffic, generate engagements, conversions and improve B2B relationships. Make sure your content creation is not only up-to-date but relevant, factual and well-written to ensure your blog is notice by the right people. It will show your business is cutting edge and forward thinking, both of which can only strengthen your brand identity and online reputation.


You Can Subtly (or not) Self-Advertise

If you’re writing a blog offering tips or advice, why not slide in a final paragraph about a relevant service your company provides or a product you sell. Readers won’t mind this form of advertisement because they will also have gotten the information they were searching for when they landed on your blog. If done right, content creation which then goes on to offer the reader something can be a highly effective inbound marketing tactic.


Your Customers Will Develop a Relationship With Your Company

Allow your blog to become a way you communicate with your customers. Ever more consumers are demanding a relationship with the companies from which they purchase products and blogs are a great way to do this. It can also strengthen your brand identity as your blog offers your company a voice. Make it professional, chatty or funny and experiment with content creation in different styles until you find the tone which yields the best engagement from the visiting web traffic. Create something unique and give your company some personality and encourage your readers to communicate in this new way.


Social Media Will Come Into Its Own

Everyone likes to share on social media and in recent years this trend has skyrocketed. Blogs are a common format in which people will share information with their friends. Consider it free advertising and yet another way of generating organic leads through inbound marketing. Watch your web traffic soar as social media shares go viral. But, unlike social media, the comments left on your blog will not become buried under the mountain of posts uploaded every second online.


Like the sound of all this but don’t have time to spare? If you’re interested in content creation services, contact Digital Freak today. Discover how our writers craft blogs and articles designed to boost your SEO rankings, increase web traffic and deliver potential customers right to your company.


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