Troubleshooting Your Content Marketing

We hear lots of stories about start-up businesses keep falling to meet their customer needs. They do not have the right inbound marketing strategy to create a strong and compelling online advertising for their products and services. In addition, a company needs to have the right content creation strategies to build an audience on social media and keep them engaged to help build strong brand awareness. This article will provide some questions to troubleshoot your business content marketing. 
Whether you’re new to content marketing, or your business has been doing this forever, answering these questions will help your business create a strong competitive advantage compared to your customers.  

inbound marketing

Is there a clear business problem you’re solving?  
The best content marketing projects address a clearly defined problem or challenge. It brings clarity to the reason you’re doing this in the first place. Without a well-defined purpose for content marketing, the team lacks focus and team members fill in the gaps with their own agenda, ideas, or content. 

Do you have a clear definition of success? Is everyone aligned? 
People in your team need to understand what success is and how everyone’s contributions can make the difference. Have regular meetings with your team to work together to come up with good content creation strategies for your business. 

Do you have the right tools? 
You need the right tools to conduct good content creation:  

  • Email platform – to distribute content to your audience 
  • Website platform – to host and monitor your content 
  • CRM platform – to store and analyse your customer information and interactions 
  • Marketing automation software – to simplify the repetitive tasks you do to engage your audience and to personalise your content 

Let these questions be your check-in every six months or so to ensure that your content marketing program continues to have the necessary elements for success. Make sure that you need to ask your employees and customers to receive constant feedback from them.  

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